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On Thu, 2008-05-15 at 07:44 -0400, Bob McConnell wrote:
Then why did Novell sign a patent covenant and pay license fees to
Microsoft in order to continue to develop and distribute it?

The views on this differ.

And who do you think drafted that standard?

So? Many standards and standard additions were drafted by MS and are
implemented in free software. I don't think that this is enough reason
to dismiss it.

ECMA is a collection of
corporations rubber stamping each others' documentation in an attempt to
give it some minimal appearance of respectability. Nothing more, nothing
less. It does not require any patent releases for those documents. To
the contrary, many of their so called "standards" are encumbered by
patents and require both license agreements and royalty payments.

Just like all the other standards bodies, then. I don't think that
standards bodies are the right place to get this fixed. Yes, it would be
nice if a standard required a patent release. Won't happen, though. The
right place to fix this is the law, and jurisdictions without software
patents will prevail in the long run. Tough for the others, sure.

And if you are at it, please also remove Samba, OpenOffice, and lots of
other stuff.

Not until reverse engineering is outlawed. Even though the DMCA
attempted to do that, it hasn't happened yet.

I hate the DMCA with a passion, but IMHO it did not attempt to do that.
It even contains an explicit provision that reverse engineering for
interoperability is ok. IANAL.

As I said in my other reply, MS claims that the kernel infringes on
patents. So, remove it?

The Mono project on the
other hand, is now using internal documentation and code from Microsoft,
guaranteed to include restrictions that will force them to abandon any
OSI approved license.

Never heard about code. Got a quote for that? Under which license does
this code come?

If you become dependent on it, you will also be
forced to accept Microsoft's conditions to move forward.

The first thing I did after installing Ubuntu was to remove Mono and
everything dependent on it. With the increase in dependency shown by
Hardy, I will be looking for a different distribution for the next update.

Whatever floats your boat.

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