Compiz issues, possibly bad video driver?

I've been running Ubuntu hardy for a couple of days now on a brand new
motherboard (Geforce 6100 pn-m), with an amd 64 dual core cpu.

I've noticed a few irregularities when running compiz and some other
3d applications, in that part of the screen disappears - mostly the
kde icons on the bottom of the screen. mplayer will play a green
screen under compiz, but work fine when compiz is not running.

My video "card" is part of the motherboard, it's an Nvidia Geforce
6100. Prior, I had an Nvidia FX 5200 AGP which I used on an athlon
Thunderbird system. Obviously, compiz crawled on that box, if it ran
at all.

What I have installed seems to me to be an older driver that's in the
ubuntu repositories, compared to debian (169.12) if I understand the
versioning correctly. Actually, I ran the prior nvidia driver
(nvidia-kernel-source 1.04 something) on debian lenny for a long time.
I never experienced these artifacts before.

dfox@newbox:/storage$ apt-cache policy nvidia-glx
Installed: 1:96.43.05+
Candidate: 1:96.43.05+
Version table:
*** 1:96.43.05+ 0
500 hardy-updates/restricted Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
1:96.43.05+ 0
500 hardy/restricted Packages

dfox@newbox:/storage$ apt-cache policy nvidia-kernel-source
Installed: 1:96.43.05+
Candidate: 1:96.43.05+
Version table:
*** 1:96.43.05+ 0
500 hardy-updates/multiverse Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
1:96.43.05+ 0
500 hardy/multiverse Packages

I copied my old xorg.conf from debian, which got fine-tuned so I can
at least attempt compiz. I have attached it.

I see there is a "new" nvidia driver in the repositories, but prior to
installing I'd like some feedback on its use - have any of you with
similar if not exact hardware out there run across this and found an
easy fix? I like the compiz stuff generally, but it's not too
necessary to run, and not seeing mplayer video is kind of not a nice

Oh, and playing avis/mpegs exhibit green screens in vlc & gxine as well.

Attachment: xorg.conf
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