Re: No Commmon CD-ROM drive was detected

Tried the USB drive last night - same error about No Common CD Drive.

On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 10:21 AM, Frans <ketelaars@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Tue, 01 Jul 2008 08:43:38 -0500, Robert Warmack wrote:

I have not even attempted to put Windows on it (never bought the program
because I was only going to use Linux on this box). The CD drive (LG
E-IDE Model GSA-H55NK) is a combo CD-R/DVD+-R combo hooked up in slave
configuration on the same PATA cable as my hard drive. I know all the
peripherals work because I installed openSUSE early this morning to use
until I can get Kubuntu to work. Thanks again for all your help!

On 7/1/08, Karl Larsen <k5di@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Robert Warmack wrote:
I'm a first-time Linux user, switching from Windows. I decided that
I wanted to try the Kubuntu version - I build a new computer, all of
are functioning and recognized by the BIOS. However, upon booting
the computer from the Installation Disc which I burned I receive the
CD-ROM drive was detected" error. I have done some searching and
I am not alone in this problem. Unfortunately, I was unable to find
a resolution for my predicament. (I have no floppy drive.) seems to be an
thread concerning this problem, but it seems to peter out without
definitive answer.

- I have tried re burning the CD.
- I was unable to try installing in "expert mode" because I could not
an adequate description of how to do so. (I'm brand new!) - I have
verified that my md5sum matches. - My original SATA Mode was set to
"Enhanced", so I tried it in

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Also, if this is something
cannot fix - does anyone have any suggestions as to another good
Linux distribution for a newbie who wants to get some experience with
the OS? Thanks a bunch for you time and help!


Please tell us more about your new home made computer. Do you have
windows running well on it?

What is the make and model of your CD device? Is it a DVD player as
well? It is a read-write type I assume. From your BIOS tell us where
the CD device is connected. If it shares a IDE cable which other device
is on the IDE port with the CD device? Or, is the CD device a SATA


Maybe this will work: .

Good luck!


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