Sony Vaio VGN-N325 ACPI Problem

I am a new Linux user, Used to mess around the various distros,
knoppix, redhat & mandrake. Using Pcs for 22 years from MSDOS &
Win 3.1. I have just been using Ubuntu 8.04 Hard Herron for 2 weeks now
on my Sony vaio vgn-n325e laptop and I have serious acpi problems.
Machine wont shutdown without hard power-off, restarts fine, cant see
battery state or ac adapter states. Please help, I have completely
formatted vista, I am so impressed with the system responsiveness but
need full laptop compatibility.

These are more indepth specs

Sony Vaio VGN-N325E/B or /W (Black or White)

15.4-inch widescreen display with xBrite-ECO LCD technology

Intel Pentium Core Duo T5300 @ 1.73ghz

Intel GMA 950 graphics 256MB Graphics Video RAM Memory

120gb 5400 rpm SATA hd

1gb ram

SuperMulti CD/DVD burner

2 USB Ports

1 4-pin iLink IEEE1304 Interface

802.11b/g Wireless Interface

Memory Stick Media

Secure Digital Slot

Express Card/34

VGA Output

Width 14.4 x Depth 10.5 x Height 1.2 to 1.6-inch

Weight 6.5 pounds with standard battery

I have extensively researched this question through google, this forum
and other sources, I have also sought the expertise of a few
individuals. I even submitted my dst file to a forum. It is evident
that Sony Vaio has an ACPI mounting issue (not sure if that is the
right terminology). In order to install Ubuntu I had to select the boot
option install with ACPI workaround, I thought this would have just
gotten me over the installation issue but it seems to have other
repercussions. I can boot the recovery mode kernels fine and power
down/suspend/resume etc without a hard powerdown. Whenever I do a
normal kernel boot that is when I have to hard power down. I have
posted to several linux forums with little results.


Battery/AC state

Backlight (fixed with x-backlight)

Function Keys

Power Down (Shut down) Forcibly

Anyone out there reading this thread, please help.

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