Re: apt-get system reinstallation

Oliver Grawert wrote:
Am Mittwoch, den 09.07.2008, 09:06 -0400 schrieb Bart Silverstrim:
I have 2 Ubuntu 8.04 systems, one where youtube videos crash Firefox
constantly (flash problem?) and the other doesn't seem have trouble
playing flash videos. So while the latest Firefox and flash plugins from
the repos may have troubles, it may be a combination problem of some
kind on the one that is causing issues?
as i pointed out in a different thread before:
there is nothing you can do but try out the different fixes from the
bug ... sadly there is no unified fix that works for everyone which
makes the bug so tricky ... reinstalling packages will neither fix
flash, nor libflashsupport, nor their communication problem. the
binaries wont change if you install them again...

No, I understand that part (I looked at the bug report you had posted
and said in a followup that, sadly, it looked like the "fix" was to wait
for the upstream to correct bugs). What I have are two systems, updated,
running 8.04, where one crashes consistently and the other does not.
Something is triggering the bug and I wondered if it was something with
the state of the installation or if it's one system has XYZ while the
other has XY only, and Z in conjunction with the others is causing the

So I wondered about whether the reinstall/repo verification would show a
possible error triggering the behavior, that's all.

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