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On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 03:28 -0400, Jake wrote:
I have Ubuntu 8.04 and I installed it to work "with" Windows XP, and
now I can't get to Windows XP anymore, it automatically boots into
Ubuntu, I need help on how to either UNINSTALL Ubuntu or INSTRUCTIONS
on how to get to Windows XP, all your help will be appreciated..

Try this link. It explains all about dual booting XP with linux.

Actually, it doesn't. It's a nice tutorial for installing Linux onto a
Windows machine, but it doesn't tell you anything about getting Grub
configured - it just assumes that the installer gets that right.

You are absolutely correct in your assumption. I have set up several
machines with dual boot of Windows XP and Ubuntu and, in every case, the
installer got it correct. I started with a fully up to date Windows XP
Pro installed and then installed Ubuntu following the on screen
instructions. Then, on switching on from cold, the machines booted into
Ubuntu. To get Windows XP from Ubuntu do a warm boot or when switching
on from cold, as the machine starts to boot press the Esc key a few
times until the menu appears, select Windows, press enter and away you
go. I hope this is of some help.


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