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Doug Pollard wrote:
Hi all,
I have something I want to try later Probably in the spring and am
looking for a couple of opinions. I would like to put EMC on an old
computer I have. Right now I am busy with doing video and trying to get
some knowhow with the terminal. This whole thing is now in the thinking
about stage. I have a little shop with a lathe and milling machine
that would be fun to run as CNC on Emc.
The box is a E-machine 266 MHZ and 250 megabits of Random
access memory. It has a 4o gig and 60 gig hard drives. It will boot
from cd. Will Ubuntu 8.04 install and run on such a machine? Would I
be better off to try something like Xubuntu or Puppy Linux. The machine
will be totally dedicated to EMC. All other Ubuntu work will be done
on the machine I am presently using.
I am also keeping my eyes open for a free or really cheap box with a
little more oomff :-) the question may be mute.
Thanks for any advice, Doug

according to the website, theres a live cd, I would try that out first
to see if your processor can handle the load. Its a pentium 2 right?
Sounds like a nice project, I didnt even know software such as that was!

FYI, I have a P2 file server with 3 usb hard drives, which doubles as a
web/ftp server , not real processor intensive, but it runs great with a
300mhz P2, 768 meg ram. Let us know how you make out.

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Steve Reilly
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