Re: Best way to share Thunderbird Profiles across multiple machines.

Ryan Pugatch schreef:
On Mon, 08 Sep 2008 18:43:10 -0400
Albert Charron <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I just did a quick read on dovecot to see what it is. It seems to
be overkill for my needs. But, I didn't see what the user inerface
would be. Is it a browser interface?


Maybe it would be easier and more feasible for you to use gmail to pull
all of your mail via POP and then connect via IMAP to gmail to get your
messages. Just a thoguht.

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Small correction:
dovecot is an IMAP & POP3 server.

I use Postfix (and before that sendmail) as my mailserver to which
fetchmail delivers the mail.
The sequence to get your mail from the ISP mailserver:
ISP (mailserver)-> fetchmail (gets the mail) -> Postfix (delivers to
mailbox) -> dovecot mailserver to distribute the mail to the individual
mailboxes from the clients (each client has an account on the host machine).
You need fetchmail as Postfix only delivers mail: the mail you send to
your ISP mailserver and the mail received to the local mail delivery
service i.e. dovecot.

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