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I have two ubuntu boxes on my local net - = Alpha (Ubuntu 8.04 WS/Gnome) = Beta (Ubuntu 8.04 Server)

These boxes are setup for SSH logins with keys

a) The 'NETWORK' folder on Alpha cannot see anything except a heading
called 'Windows Network' (which is empty)
b) The 'Connect to Server' dialog returns "Couldn't display:> sftp://
c) Places --> Network --> Go --> Location returns 'Couldn't find:

re A and C - ssh isn't 'browseable' in Nautilus AFAIK (avahi/bonjour
might make this true one day) so the Network folder just gets you SMB

B I don't have a good answer for



Thanks for the reply.

I use ssh via Natilus to transfer files back and forth to a remote
computer quite often. In order to do so: 1) first make sure that you can
ssh into the remote normally (terminal), 2) then use Places|Connect to
Server|Service type:SSH|Server:IPaddress|Connect. You will then be
prompted for a username and password; be sure to enter the _existing_
username and password for the remote. The share should now be available
in Nautilus as: sftp on ipaddress.

This may be the problem - I don't have username/password access to any
machines in my local net. I use SSH2 with keys. Would that preclude Nautilus
from asking me for the password to the SSH key? or is there a way I can
supply the identity file name in Nautilus (similar to ssh -i keyFile

In Natilus click the paper&pencil icon so that you can view the
'Location' bar. In the location bar (assuming you have samba shares set
up on the target machine) enter: smb://ipaddressoftargetmachine/ and hit
Enter. That should get you to the target where you can select the shared
folders. Once that's done, click 'Bookmarks|Add Bookmark'. Then in the
future you'll only need to click 'Bookmarks' and select the smb for the

I did give this a go, and, although it seemed not to have any problem with
the connection, I ended up with an empty set, even though there are folders
in the "Shared" directory on the win box. I'll take a look at the share
properties on the win box before adding to this...

You can also try: smb://machinename. Unfortunately, it appears that
Hardy's Nautilus has trouble finding samba shared machines, so the only
reliable way I've found is to use the smb://ipaddress vs smb://machinename.

I did try this, and it doesn't work at the moment (although I do seem to
recall that it worked in other Ubu versions). I don't mind using the IP
addresses, since there are only a total of four machines, and they are
located in my LAN.

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