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On Sun, 2008-09-14 at 12:18 +0200, PleegWat wrote:
Knapp wrote:
The last / for the command sudo /etc/X11/ is not needed. sudo /etc/X11 works
the same. So I guess I am elated for just one less keystroke. So be it! :)

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If you really want to save keystrokes do this
sudo vim /etc/X<tab>xo<tab>

Did you see that if you to tab without a program name it does not list
files but only directories? Sort of neat and I did not know about

Directories and executables. Also, a lot of program parameters are
specially configured in ubuntu to display the relevant list. Try:

sudo apt-get <tab><tab>

This works provided you have bash_completion enabled. See the
file /etc/bash.bashrc. The bash completion code is
in /etc/bash_completion. Oddly, on my system (Hardy) the completion
code was commented out in bash.bashrc.
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