Re: Wireless issues, but oddly the opposite of what you normally hear....

Steve Flynn wrote:


I should also point out that I mention the Ch 13 info as I knew it was
illegal in certain areas but to my knowledge it was ok in the UK. I'm
now wondering whether Vista has a bug in that it own't see a Ch 13
router despite being configured up to be in "London". I'm also
wondering whether there is a similar subtle bug in the linux wireless
drivers for my hardware in seeing the AP but not being able to

Then again, maybe it's the router being a funny bugger and not playing
fair on Ch 13.

Vista might or might not be the culprit for not seeing the AP on channel 13. The driver of your wireless adapter, or the hardware itself might be the problem. Maybe the adapter has a problem with channels higher than 11 and the OEM just disabled those problematic channels in the driver...

This is just a theory tho. I'm in North America, so I can't test the theory, but I think it's plausible...

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