Re: Wireless issues, but oddly the opposite of what you normally hear....

Derek Broughton wrote:
Karl F. Larsen wrote:

This whole thing is a bag of worms. It has gone on enough! This
has ZERO WiFi problems. If there is no secret word his laptop works
fine both Linux and Windows.

He has a problem with the secret coding or other crap that enters
when you go from one country to another. This IS NOT A wireless issue.

Don't be a jerk (and sticking a smiley on the end of a sentence doesn't
make it OK). Of course, it's a wireless issue. Not only that, but what
evidence do you have that Steve's computer has _ever_ gone from one
country to another? (Or for that matter that if there was no password,
it would work?)

In this person's first email he said both Windows and Linux WiFi
work fine at home with an open WiFi router.


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