Re: Problem mounting a USB flashdrive on Intrepid

Mark Haney wrote:
Steven Davies-Morris wrote:
It mounts and is both read/writeable on my computer (Intrepid).
But not on the new Intrepid box I just put together last week for
my wife. The device shows up/disappears when I plug it in/remove
it. But when accessed her user is told:

Cannot mount volume You are not privileged to mount this volume

Just for giggles, try mounting the volume manually. Granted only
root will have access to it, but it /will/ eliminate a USB problem
on your's wife's system.

Although, I do believe Leonard is right, your wife's user account
is not part of the disk group (or whatever group that's used for

Turned out that the problem was my defining her old Windows XP drive
incorrectly in /etc/fstab via the older method of /dev/sdxn. Once it
was no longer declared as /dev/sdc1 (which Ubuntu apprently wanted to
use for the USB), and I had set it up to mount via its UUID, the USB
device mounted and opened for R/W correctly. Now my wife is no longer
(for now) giving me the evil eye about this "totally unnecessary move
away from Windows". :D
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