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On 12/05/2008 10:18 PM, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

Let's recap:

2Wire DSL Modem/Router (4 ports?)
IP Router = =
Yes, and that's what ATT says to use for static
IPs also.
With static setup get; ping: unknown host
and PING ( 56(84) bytes of

--- ping statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss,
time 1999ms

not good.

Ok, just to clarify; you have a 2Wire 1701HG 4 port +
wireless DSL
modem. That device is set as follows:

IP Network:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP Range: –
Static Range -

Your wireless setup on the router is set at default if I
recall, so it
should look something like this:
I highly recommend setting it for WPA after you get
connected if it is
set for WEP now.[1]

Yes, looks similar only the numbers have changed to protect the innocent.
But, it has been a while since I was able to access it and it may have changed. I've never used WPA, understand it's better than WEP for sucurity
but will need some help setting it up or at least some howto.

Your _Intrepid_ Wireless Machine (IWM - other room) is
using a Linksys
PCI card: WMP54G and it's IP is set for a static
address of

Correct so far?

No, the wireless machine is on gutsy, otherwise yes.

It's already been shown that static IP's aren't
working in Intrepid's
Network Manager. So in this case I think that you have two

Ok, that machine with Intrepid is in the shop to get the cpu fan
repaired and I had intended to purge network manager and install
widcd and will in 2 wks or more when I get it back.

1. Reset your IWM for DHCP and see if you can then connect.
I can reset to DHCP easily enough but what is IWM? This is on my
list to do but was waiting on your and Nils reply before doing too much.

When you do
that, be sure to: 1) reset the 1701HG (power off for at
least 60 sec to
be sure),
Ok will do. The router was turned off yesterday for quite some time
but while on static IP so will do it when going to DHCP.

2) create a new DHCP setting in NM as others have
that using the same one doesn't work. I've removed
NM so & use wicd so I
can't tell you how to do the last.

Ok, if you mean to delete the old static settings and install a new
DHCP setting I will. There is no current DHCP setting in NM so if
You mean somthing else please explain. I'll most likely go to wicd
on the intrepid machine when I get it back because of all the NM
problem in intrepid.

2. Remove NM and install WiCD instead - you can always
reinstall NM if
you have issue with wicd.

For the Intrepid machine, yes. Should I or need I do it on the gutsy
wireless machine?

Try them in that order. Once you get your wireless working
& talking to
the 2wire, you will then be able to ping The
AT&T tech is
correct... you are not making the connection from the IWM
to the 1701HG.

I will go to DHCP on the wireless right now. I was waiting on your
reply before doing so. Let's hope I can connect to 2wire at least.
It will be some time before I can change the new machine.

Manuals for the 2701HG (which should apply to your 1701HG
are here:

Remember you telling me that before and did download it at the
time. Must be on another version. Will get it again, thanks.

[1] You can check for what your 1701HG is set for from the
IWM even if
it isn't connecting; use NM and it should tell you if
the 1701HG is WEP
or WPA. If NM isn't working properly for that, then use
the command line
to find out:

$ sudo iwlist scan

That will tell you all of the networks in range, find yours
and note
whether it is currently set for WEP, WPA, WPA2, other.

I know it's set for WEP as that's all I ever use. I sent snapshots
of the gnome nm aplet which didn't show much. Output of the
above command is:
lchata@ubuntu:~$ sudo iwlist scan
[sudo] password for lchata:
lo Interface doesn't support scanning.

eth0 Interface doesn't support scanning.

wmaster0 Interface doesn't support scanning.

wlan0 Scan completed :
Cell 01 - Address: 00:18:3F:26:4D:A9
Frequency:2.437 GHz
Signal level=-50 dBm
Encryption key:on
Bit Rates:1 Mb/s; 2 Mb/s; 5.5 Mb/s; 11 Mb/s; 6 Mb/s
9 Mb/s; 12 Mb/s; 18 Mb/s; 24 Mb/s; 36 Mb/s
48 Mb/s; 54 Mb/s
Cell 02 - Address: 52:EB:3F:B5:FE:A9
Frequency:2.462 GHz
Signal level=-56 dBm
Encryption key:off
Bit Rates:1 Mb/s; 2 Mb/s; 5.5 Mb/s; 11 Mb/s

And it doesn't tell me much either except that I'm on line and have
been all day except for a couple of lost connections. I then went to
gnome and things have been running a little smoother. Thought you
might like to hear that-:))

Leonard Chatagnier

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