Re: Strange HDD behavior?

On 12/10/08 7:51 AM, Brian McKee wrote:
On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 3:07 AM, Amichai Rotman<amichai@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Now all is OK, but I noticed my Kubuntu 8.04.1 box's HDD led is blinking
franticly for ours.

Is that for hours?

I ran the top command and I see 'kjournald' is high on the list, often at
the top of it...

kjournald is related to the journal for ext3. What do you see in
/var/log/messages or syslog?

To do a quick hard drive health check you could also install
smartmontools and run sudo smartctl -AH /dev/sda
Note that SMART isn't perfect - in my experience a drive marked bad is
going to die, but a drive that it says is ok could still have issues.


I can definitely vouch for the last statement about a SMART tool stating
a drive is OK, but in reality it is not. As an anecdote, I recently had
to RMA one of my hard drives. It is a Western Digital, only ~ 2 years
old that wound up exhibiting the "click of death". It had momentarily
performed the click during an earlier reboot, but I was able to get the
drive up. After that episode, I downloaded WD's hard drive check tool
and checked the SMART status and also performed the "quick" test (which
checks for everything except for bad sectors). The utility gave the
drive a clean bill of health. I backed up the data anyhow, and on the
next reboot, the drive was dead for good.

So, yes, if a SMART utility deems a drive is bad, it almost certainly
is. But, if it says a drive is OK, it might not actually be OK. It
should only be one of many tools in your trouble-shooting arsenal.

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