Cant get any ubuntu version/type to boot to the installer or livecd properly

I have a beautiful new HP EliteBook 8530p which I'm trying to get ubuntu
installed onto. Currently runs Vista x64 (this shouldnt really matter
though). I cant seem to get any version of Ubuntu to boot into the disc
correctly. the disks ARE getting burned properly and have no errors.

I've tried various flavors here to see if any of them work and im having no

Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 & 32bit Desktop Alternate – gets me to the screen where I
choose the language and I choose install ubuntu. Gives the progress bar
where it loads the installer and all that stuff then brings me to a blinking
cursor on a black screen. It stays like this indefinitely.

Kubuntu 8.10 32bit – choose INSTALL and "bug: soft lockup. CPU#1 stuck for
11s. Modeprobe:1040

Ubuntu 8.04 32bit Server – choose INSTALL and "bug: soft lockup. CPU#1
stuck for 11s. Modeprobe:1040

The strange thing is at one point a few days ago I was able to boot the
amd64 one into the livecd. The only thing that's change since then is a put
a new drive in the laptop. But I've put the old one back in to see if I can
again boot into the live cd, and no go. No bios changes have been made. Im
lost. Please help.


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