Re: how to disable pulseaudio


You can try the following two steps to /sideline/ pulse audio on 8.10

Open /etc/pulse/ in an editor. Look for lines similar to the
following two commented out lines:

#load-module module-alsa-sink
#load-module module-alsa-source device=hw:1,0

Add the following two lines after these two lines:

load-module module-alsa-sink device=dmix
load-module module-alsa-source device=dsnoop

The above change will force PA to use dmix/dsnoop and not take exclusive
control of sound hardware.

Open /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf in an editor. Comment out the line which
says /usr/share/alsa/pulse.conf by inserting a # in the beginning. After
the change, the @hooks section would look something like the following.

@hooks [
func load
files [
# "/usr/share/alsa/pulse.conf"
errors false

This will prevent PA from presenting itself as default output/input for
all sound applications. Hence the other applications can continue to use
ALSA as if there is no PA.

The above two changes fix all PA nuisance and all my sound applications
work fine. You will need to select ALSA as sound device in
System->Preferences->Sound. With these changes PA is rendered useless
but it continues to run though nobody would use it. It doesn't consume
any system resources. I still do not know what needs to be changed so
that PA is not even started.


H.S. wrote:
H.S. wrote:

Well, I hate to say this, but there are still some kinks in multimedia
playback with pulseaudio on Hardy. The user reported this to be only
recently. Apparently, Totem player does not play some avi files (grabbed
by a digicam) properly. I tested and gxine does. Also, some news
websites' video clips are not being played properly.

So, where does that leave us? Looks like pulse audio is a mess at
present with at least the current scenario regarding flash and possibly
with some avi files (though it may be a question of the right codec).

So I have decided to roll back the computer in question to using alsa
and forgo pulse audio for now.

BTW, pulse audio is working fine in all these respects on my computer,
Debian Testing. So I am confident the newer releases of Ubuntu will have
improvements regarding this.


Just wanted to know if somebody knows how to disable pulseaudio in Hardy.

I have so far set all options in Preferences->Sound to use Alsa. I have
uninstalled some packages regarding pulse audio and also remove
/etc/asound.conf that I used to set pulseaudio to default. I now have
only the following packages remaining regarding pulseaudio:
gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio libpulse-browse0 libpulse-mainloop-glib0
libpulse0 libpulsecore5 pulseaudio pulseaudio-esound-compat pulseaudio-utils

But I still see a pulse audio process when a user is logged in:
$ ps uax | grep pulse
hs 6192 0.0 1.0 26976 4876 ? S<l 21:17 0:04
/usr/bin/pulseaudio --log-target=syslog

So, what do I need to really disable pulseaudio. Preferably the option
should not involve uninstalling pulseaudio package (moreover, if I try
to remove pulseaudio in Hardy, it also wants to remove other desktop


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