Re: Install of Ubuntu 8.10 server unbootable (a measure of progress)

Mark Kirkwood wrote:
I've decided to try out Ubuntu 8.10 server on an older machine I have
here. It is a Supermicro P3TDER with a Promise TX4000 raid adapter.

I had previously had a different flavour of Linux installed on it with
several raid arrays created via mdadm. I thought I would leave these as
is, and install Ubuntu into them (i.e. format them as use them for
/boot, /, /usr, /var ...)

While the install itself went fine, the system will not reboot. I get a
message saying that md2 (/dev/md2 - the would be root) does not exist
and then the busybox prompt. Attempting a boot in rescue mode goes a
little further but says that all the arrays are "stopped". I've tried
experimenting with "rootdelay" in the grub config, but to no avail. It
looks as tho I have RAID and Promise SATA loaded (looking at /proc/modules).

I figured that I may have corrupted the arrays somehow, so I booted from
the cd, and picked "rescue broken installation", and from there "create
a shell on root" - and chose /dev/md2 as root. This works fine, I can
mount all the other filesystems successfully as well.

I have /boot as ext3 but everything else is xfs.

Any suggestions?

In fact I do have a few suggestions... :-)

Since the nice installer seems to know about drivers for the TX4000 card
I decided to try Promise firmware RAID - with the same result - busybox
prompt. Oh dear. However, exiting out of busybox resulted in the boot
continuing (seemingly) normally.

Hmmm - I tried removing 'splash' and 'quiet' from the kernel command
line, and this gets things a bit further... looks to be hanging
detecting/probing the CDROM drive now.

So, at least I've managed to boot the beast! I'll update everything to
the latest version, and see if that helps.



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