Re: How to find IP address of a machine on network?

Derek Broughton wrote:
Karl F. Larsen wrote:

NoOp wrote:

Yep... 4.76-1 works well after using alien. Interesting that the repo
nstat version, when given the following command:

$ nmap -T Aggressive -A -v 192.168.2.*

shows (obfuscation apparent):

Host 192.168.2.XXX appears to be up ... good.
The 4.76-1 version shows:

Host <hostname> (192.168.2.XXX) appears to be up ... good.
Interesting ports on <hostname> (192.168.2.XXX):

"Obfuscation apparent" because it isn't showing hostnames?

I believe he means /he's obfuscated/ the host names and IPS.

Matt Flaschen

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