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I just recently bought a refurbished Thinkpad T41 laptop off the IBM
website and intended to configure it for XP/Ubuntu dual boot. The
laptop worked fine and ran stable with anything related to Windows (XP
and I also tried Vista), but had frequent random freezes with anything
related to Linux (the Ubuntu install CD and a Helix live CD).

I did eventually get Ubuntu installed with the install CD but it still
keeps freezing up at random moments; it does not seem to freeze up at
anything specific.

I let memtest run all night to check for faulty memory (no errors), and
ran through all the IBM PC Doctor hardware tests (under XP) to see if
there were hardware errors with anything (again, no errors).

I've had a great experience in the past with some older Thinkpads under
similar setups (dual boot Windows/Linux) so this is kind of puzzling. I
don't think there's any faulty hardware involved because of the hardware
tests run, and the fact that everything works fine under Windows (unless
there's some weird problem that slips under the radar on these
diagnostic programs)..

So I'm wondering if there's some BIOS settings that need to be tweaked
to make things work more smoothly under Linux. On older BIOSs there used
to be a setting for non-Windows OSs, but this Thinkpad BIOS didn't have
such an option (that I could find anyway).

Anyone have a suggestion? I've got 7 days to return for a refund if I
can't resolve it, so there's still another few days to troubleshoot the


20090131 1557 GMT-5

Paul i have a R50e and had the same trouble at first. It was the cd I
burned. It worked fine on other machines but not that laptop. I finally
just went to the alt install cd and it worked.


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