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On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 9:18 PM, Bart Silverstrim
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Charlie Dorff wrote:
I was thinking about purchasing an Eee PC. What is the best way of installing UBuntu on a computer this small. Should I use a CD like I do with my desktop PC. Also, which version of Ubuntu do I download? I have not bought my Eee PC yet so I am trying to get my questions answered before I buy it. Thank you.

Google for asus eee ubuntu. There's an Ubuntu distro made just for the
EEE PC and the project page should have info on how to install it.

I have it on the 3e 701 and rather like it except:
1. Pidgin is a POS if you are on server with a large no of channels.
I've installed Xchat.
2. Brasero is fairly ordinary - hard to handle isos. Easy install
growisofs cos the libs are already there
3. Sound recording from microphone is hard (or impossible dunno yet) to set up.

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