Jaunty 2009-02-11 install report - minor quirks

Hi All,

I've just done an install of Jaunty using the daily live CD from
2009-02-11. Mostly it went very well - congrats to all involved. In fact
for an "alpha 4" stage it's quite amazing. Among other things, I've
finally got working suspend/hibernate for the first time ever on a
laptop :-)

There are a couple of minor issues; I'm not sure if I should report
them, and if so where. Maybe someone here can tell me which items are
appropriate for a bug issue, and if so where to file them?

The system is an approx. 3-year-old laptop, Compaq nc8430 (Intel Core
Duo, Radeon graphics). I installed using wireless network connection
only (again, impressive!).

I just ran "rsync -zhhP
rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/daily-live/current/jaunty-desktop-i386.iso . " and the .iso file was not modified so presumably there have been no changes to the live-cd image since 2009-02-11.

(0) On the "live cd" desktop, windows have blank titlebars (no window
name, no window-menu or max/min/close icons). They do still respond to
clicks on the titlebar (eg clicking near left of titlebar makes the
window menu pop up; clicking near right of titlebar closes the window).

(1) The installer from the LiveCD works ok, but is very slow to enter
the "partition disk" page; after clicking "forward", it took about 45
seconds to display the next page. There was no apparent CD access during
that time, and the computer remained responsive (could type text into
the test field for example).

(2) The graphics during the installer were generally ok, but the "time
zone" selection stuff looked very odd. Useable, but looked kind of
"posterized" as if the colour palette had been stuffed up.

(3) Grub menu.lst file quirk: I have the following partitions:
sda1: Windows
sda3: small FAT32 partition
sda2: (extended)
sda5: ubuntu 8.10
sda6: jaunty (new install)
sda7: /home
sda8: swap

A wrong entry was added in menu.lst saying that I have Ubuntu 8.10 on
sda1 (hd0,0). And it put an entry for the Windows OS on sda3 (hd0,2).
It correctly listed Ubuntu on sda5. It also correctly listed itself
(using partition uuid, not device path).

(4) Gnome/Compiz config quirk

Selecting System | preferences | windows --> message "Compiz has not
registered a ...."

Selecting System | preferences | Appearance + tab "visual effects" -->
none of the radio-buttons are selected. It looks rather odd to have a
set of radio buttons of which *none* are active. And presumably one of
these options *is* in fact what is currently selected.

After choosing "none", System | preferences | windows then works.

(5) slightly suspicious dmesg lines

The following are displayed by dmesg and *might* be significant. Or not;
I don't know. Everything else in dmesg looks ok to me..

[ 13.571690] psmouse serio5: ID: 10 00 64<6>elantech.c: unexpected
magic knock result 0x00, 0x02, 0x64.
[ 36.342156] warning: `pulseaudio' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy
support in use)

On boot, graphics mode changes before displaying the login screen. The
screen flickers, then shows some graphical garbage, then goes blank then
the login screen appears. The "garbage" is shown for about 1/2 a second,
and looks a little ugly. I would guess that code is first switching
graphic mode, then clearing the graphical buffers. If that could be done
the other way around (clear *then* switch) it would be nicer...


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