Re: WEP on wireless

scott wrote:
When I open Wicd, all I get is available wireless spots, nowhere to
enter a WEP key, anywhere.

If you open wicd and you see the list of available networks, there is a
tiny triangle to the left of the network name. Click on that triangle and
you can see some more info settings options about that network. Click the
button "extended settings" (or similar - Wicd refuses to speak English on
my machine). There you can select the encryption type and enter the key.

And, again, I know it is probably not much
better then using MAC filters, I just want to know how to get WEP
working on my laptop. My WEP key is as strong as you can get...symbols,
numbers and one letter. It is still WEP, though.

"WEP" and "strong key" is a bit contradictory :)

In other words, in what config file do I make changes.

Sorry, I don't know about config files for Wicd. But if you only want to
use wireless with this particular setting you could uninstall Wicd and
use the settings in /etc/network/interfaces instead - if you really want
to edit config files.


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