Re: Installing Stellarium 10.1 in Hardy

Umm - I think the only "one move" solution is dist-upgrade (upgrade to
Intrepid).  Some of those dependencies are pretty heavy - qt and
libstdc++ for two -  and will affect the packages that you currently
have installed (in Hardy).

To be honest, I only briefly scanned over those dependencies and did
not notice the Qt4 requirement. I agree with you that that is a
showstopper right there.

Out of curiosity (laziness), what's new in the later version of
Stellarium (that's not in the Hardy version)?

Redesigned interface. I've played with it on the wife's Intrepid box,
and it really is nice. After a few nights with it, I don't want to go
back to 0.9.x on my own box.

Dotan Cohen

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