Re: Ubunto 8.10 and AVG 7.5.51

NoOp wrote:
On 03/20/2009 10:45 AM, Dotan Cohen wrote:
(non-AV-isn't needed on linux folks)
I'm sorry that it came out like that.

I have moved over 20 people from Windows XP / Vista to Fedora and
Kubuntu. About half wanted antivirus installed. While I do believe
that there is a place for antivirus software in Linux, a home user
using it to protect his system from malware is not the place.
Currently, there is no malware (in the sense that Windows users use
the term) for Linux desktops. That _will_ change. But when that day
comes the types of antivirus currently available for Linux will not
protect against it.

If the OP is configuring a mailserver, then by all means install
antivirus. It would be irresponsible not to.

JFC on a pogo stick! When will folks realize that there *IS* a good
reason for some people to install an AV on a linux system in certain
environments. Further, when will people on this list stop the "you don't
need an AV" when someone/anyone asks a question about the installation
of an AV program. You/we have no idea what the OP's reason is to wishing
to install AVG, nor should we care; the OP ask a question regarding an
installation, he/she didn't ask anyone's opinion whether it is
necessary. Here, let me repeat the OP's entire post:

I just downloaded AVG 7.5.51-a1423 and I can't get working correctly.
I know I need to get license number but this is only the free ver so
where do I get that from.

terminal window output
AVG7 Anti-Virus command line scanner
Copyright (c) 2007 GRISOFT, s.r.o.
Program version 7.5.51, engine 442
Virus Database: Version 269.19.5/1228 2008-01-16
Previous registered license number: 70FREE-TX-IB-P1-C01-S139FC-327
Enter license number:

Nowhere in there do I see a question asking anyone's opinion if he needs
to install AVG, do you? Yet your electron wasting reply was:

You don't need that here :) Welcome to the real world!

Your statement "a home user using it to protect his system from malware
is not the place" is absolute nonsense. I *am* a home user, I have
dual-boot windows systems, I share files with windows systems, I use
Samba, and I *do* AV scans of partions, drives, and remote machines.

Further, with BitDefender I also do incoming AV scans of Evolution
(linux) emails on certain accounts - yes BD provides instructions &
scripts on how to do those sorts of things - as quite often the emails
tend to get forwarded to windows users.

Now *please* get off the harping on whether a user (home or otherwise)
should, or should not use an AV (or any other program) on *their*
system! They are free to use whatever the hell *they* decide to
install/use on *their* system.

I have to disagree with you here a bit. What I love about mailing lists
and newsgroups is that they are not encumbered by contacts, legal duties
to be correct and other corporate and legal bureaucracies and mumbo
jumbo. This results in posters giving their opinions and suggestions --
and *that* is one of the best advantages of this medium, even though
they may not be accurate or precise, just broad ideas are helpful a lot
of time.

At the same time, I do agree with you that the poster's query should
have been answered, but I have learned a lot by reading what others
suggested. I am not a know-all being and many times I am not aware of
alternatives. So I can envision the OP posting this question about an
anti-virus while harboring perceptions from his Windows days, posting
the problem of anti-virus installation, and then reading others'
opinions and realizing that it is not needed after all in Linux world
(at least not the same way it is needed in Windows word).

So as long as the comments and replies are responsible and make sense, I
don't see what is wrong. The OP, after all, is going to be a better
judge if he is aware of the opinions posted here.

So I say let the opinions, suggestions and alternatives flow. It makes
for better awareness in users about the OS and tools available in it and
about the general methods of accomplishing certain tasks. And makes
discussions more colorful. :)


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