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Wade Smart wrote:
I have a new shuttle with a radeon hd 4650 graphics card.
The computer started out great but my screen was not correct so I put
in the values I had used on 8.04 (Im on 9.04 now).
Well, that was a mistake as now my screen is fraked.

I tried going through the cmd prompt and deleting the file I
configured and then going with the original file but, its not working.

When the computer starts up all I see is a screen of noise.

I have been reading a bit on this but Im just not sure what course to take now.


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     The fast fix is to reload your 9.04 and then when back to at least a
usable screen ask about other ways to fix it.


Even faster, if it works and has always for me, is to boot up in recovery mode(second entry for your kernel in menu.lst) and when the Gui menu finishes loading select xfix(may be off screen so scroll down if you don't see it), let it finish running and when the Gui comes up again select continue booting or something to that effect.  If it works you will get the xlogin screen and just sign in.  This is much quicker to try before reinstalling period.  AAMOF, it's rarely necessary to reinstall.  BTW, you should never delete a program file in Ubuntu;  much better to purge it and leave no config files to mess up things.   HTHs and perhaps save you some time.


What about trying to load X with no xorg.conf at all? The latest
versions of xorg often load successfully without one.

Jaime Tarrant

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