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from Dan Farrell, on Thu Aug 06 2009:

On Tue, 4 Aug 2009 03:10:13 +0100

steve <utopia_beach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
... a minimalist at heart.

Me too; if you're also a DIY kind of persion then check out gentoo.
not for the feint of heart, but it'll get you up to speed on cli really

i've just had a quick look at gentoo features, philosophy, etc, and it
sounds like the kind of setup i would like to have in the long run,
especially the ability to choose what not to have. i have had experience
with rolling my own kernels with slackware and was amazed by the amount of
stuff i didn't need in the standard kernel. you've piqued my interest!

i love linux and i've always wanted to ditch windows completely but
have never found a satisfactoty means of editing text, or of editing
text in email. i also need a good html editor.

vim. with proper syntax highlighting vim is beautiful. learning curve
is steep, but not as steep as everyone says. advantages: - don't need
gui to feel at home (ssh login, anyone? ever break X?) - very
lightweight. (compare to bluefish!) - extremely powerful, with regular
expressions, macros, and the like. - not emacs :-) - included in some
form on most POSIX machines: learn vi commands and you'll always have
an editor. As for the learning curve: biking downhill, though relaxing
and easy, is not recommended for training purposes, for obvious

it was a while ago, but i remember using a vim-like editor to create a bash
logout file with ascii art elements. it was pretty wierd to begin with but i
got the hang of it eventually. other resondents have suggested strategies
with regard to config files.

again i'm very interested. i'm going to give it a go.

for email you should try claws mail. Super lightweight, fast, capable
mail client with all the features I want from email and none of the
cruft. managed to configure UI such that it's pretty usable on my
1024x600 screen. you might be happy to know that it was also written
by a Japanese programmer (Hiroyuki Yamamoto). email lends itself well
to lightweight gui apps IMHO.

good lock.

i haven't tried claws mail recently. i did try it years ago but obviously it
ought to have improved greatly in the meantime.

thanks very much for your response. actually, i'm beginning to think that
plunging into cli ways of thinking could be the most exciting solution to
present woes. text editing is my main concern, and i'm definately attracted
to the idea of 'beautiful' syntax highlighting. i don't want to jump the
gun, but who knows, maybe i'd end up using cli for email too, once i get
into it.



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