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On Fri, 07 Aug 2009 10:27:32 +0100, Roy Smith <rasmith1959@xxxxxxxxx>

Rakotomandimby Mihamina wrote:

08/07/2009 09:38 AM, Roy Smith:

Please get a Logitech mouse. They do not say they work on Linux but
they all DO!

Well the basic functions of this mouse work just fine, the left and
right buttons along with the scroll wheel do just as they're expected
do. It's just that there are 2 additional buttons that don't seem to
work in all the programs that I use.

Yes, each program has it's way to interpret mouse events.
all you will have to do is configuring, not writting "your
own program".

Ok, so if writing my own program isn't necessary, then please tell me
how I can get Thunderbird to advance to the next unread message when I
click the left side button of the mouse...and mark a thread as read when
I click the right side button. In the intellipoint software I could
enable customizations for specific programs. So what I did there was
enabled it for TBird and set the left button to simulate pressing the
'n' key on the keyboard, and the right button to simulate pressing the
't' key. I've been through the menus of Thunderbird many times and I
still have yet to find a place where I can specify the keyboard
shortcuts for the program, and that goes for both Linux or Windows

Does this
offer any inspiration?

Aha!!! Now that looks promising, just wish I knew whatever language
that was in (Spanish maybe?) so I could understand exactly what was
written. So now let's see how badly I can screw up my /etc/xorg.conf
file. ;-)


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