Re: Getting X to init corectly W/O a monitor conected

stan wrote:
I have a mcahine that lives in a rack. All the machines in tis rack share a
common KVM. This is an older KVM ,ad does not provide the corect response
to querying for things like monitor resolution, etc, when the machine doing
the querying is not slected to the monitor/keyboard.

But it return errors, _and_ when I boot the machine without the monitor
conected, and try to run this from the command line it does not work.

Whats the best way to address this issue?

Obligatory old school question. What is wrong with killing X and using
the command line? I mean, do you run remote X sessions from SSH to
manage the system instead of just learning the CLI?

If it's in a rack connected to a KVM, how often will you actually access
the box from the KVM compared to a good old SSH session?

Granted, this doesn't fix your problem, but it just amazes me that X
just /has/ to be running even for konsole or yakuake sessions.


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