Re: error creating the child process for this terminal

On 08/28/2009 08:53 PM, sam R wrote:

/*None of the answers help me to solve the problem. Forgive me I'm new
to Ubuntu*/

Please bottom post.

Did you read my mail? I explained the problem. /dev/pts is not mounted!
Why? I don't know.
But usually, holding down the CTRL and ALT key and pressing one of the 6
F keys (F1 to F6) at the same time should bring you to a terminal. Log
in with your user name and password. Type in "sudo mount -t devpts
devpts /dev/pts" (without the quotes) and hit ENTER, then enter your
password when asked for a password. Hold CTRL and ALT key and press F7
at the same time to go back to your Desktop.

Now, everything should be OK until the next reboot.


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