Re: What's this landscape stuff about?

Siggy Brentrup wrote:

As for motd: In almost 30 years of administering unixoid OSes (with a
long interruption due to illness since 2004) I always used /etc/motd
as a simple plain text file that's a convinient means for the sysadmin
to communicate important stuff to users. I'm not happy with Debian's
decision to automatically create part of it because it takes away
screen space forcing me to use motd.tail instead of motd if I don't
want to loose my information. Things change, but they can also change
compatibly e.g. by modifying login to display a newly introduced
prefix to motd instead of breaking existing scripts.

Again Canonical tops this Debian misfeature by displaying spam if you
install an innocent looking Ubuntu package.

Sounds like you'll be much happier with the Debian installed then. How
I'll miss these explosions of rage over a package that you installed
yourself and just as easily removed when you weren't happy with what it
did or was for.

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