Re: top and bottom posting

R Kimber wrote:

On Thu, 10 Sep 2009 14:28:44 +0100
Chris Jones wrote:

The GMail client on Android won't let you bottom-post, so far as I can
work out. It provides a text box into which to put your response, to
which the quoted text is appended.

Thats pretty piss poor. Someone who actually use these things should
complain to google.

I'm guessing they do it that way because most companies (certainly the
ones I've dealt with) do it that way, not because they design the stuff
poorly, but because they have a different approach to information.

But that's an entirely different use-case from a mailing list. It's
analogous to their snail-mail habit of stapling copies of all prior
correspondence to the back of their reply. This is not a bad idea in
business mail, but it's a lousy way to carry on a discussion.

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