Re: Firefox and sound issues

On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 14:03 +1000, dean wrote:
Keith Clark wrote:
On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 13:45 +1000, dean wrote:

Keith Clark wrote:

On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 13:39 +1000, dean wrote:

Keith Clark wrote:

I'm trying to play the following game online with Firefox but I get no
sound. Is this an issue with Ubuntu, Firefox or the site itself?


Hi Keith,

Are you using Pulseaudio or straight ALSA drivers?

Hey Dean,

ALSA. I have noticed that another game on the same site has sound that
works. It might be the site itself it appears. Here is the one that


Very interesting, maybe try it another browser and see if that makes any

Yes, I tried in Opera as well. Same issue.

A very isolated incident, umm.. let's see, have you upgraded to the
latest ALSA build which is currently at 1.0.21?

If not try it out, the instructions for the upgrade process are at this


Do you have sound with the given link?


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