Re: Ubuntu Professionals Forum?

09/14/2009 06:10 PM, Odd::
- Are you "professional"? Why dont you help people in here then?
When did it become your place to say something like that?
Because I dont understand why do people want to wipe out "dummies".
Wipe out? You're being a little dramatic don't you think?


He has been a dummy at the beginning, just like everyone of us.
I would rather say, we were all inexperienced at one time.
I consider a dummy someone who doesn't want to learn.


He became a "professional" (if he ever is) because someone
taught him.
Or he taught himself.

Hum... what from? Google search? what did Google index?

And now, he wants a "professional-only" community place?
So? Server stuff aren't for the typical user.

Typicall user use at least one server: Xorg.

Leaving what and where he is from?
No... sorry, I must have given my opinion about that.
Now, you agree or not, but I think it should be "one place for all".
That's an idiotic statement. Should we talk about all
OSes on one list then? Linux, MacOS, Windows. "one
place for all" you said. Why don't we merge the sounder
list with this then? And the Kubuntu list with this?

Extremist. :-)

And why don't we merge the supercomputer Linux lists
with this? One place for all, right? Do you see where I'm
going with this?

Topic based splits are OK for me.
Knowledge level based splits are not.

I actually think this list should be broken up into a few ones.
I think only Ubuntu stuff should be talked about on this list.
Bash stuff should be talked about on another.

There is the BASH mailing list.

Software should
be talked about on yet another, unless it's specific for Ubuntu.
This list is high-volume and far too many mails are about things
that aren't about Ubuntu.

There is sounder for that.
Instead of adding one more "split", we could just post on topic to the existing
mailing lists.

The only situation I could agree is if he pays for support (Canonical or others).
But that is not "communotary" anymore.
Good thing he doesn't need your agreement.

I did not talk about agreement (allow) but agreement (just opinion)

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