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On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 3:43 PM, Rashkae <ubuntu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Michael Comperchio wrote:
The obvious answer is to pay some guy to rewire
the house. Not Going To Happen. Next answer is me rewire the house, also
NGTH. So I though that I would buy a 5 or 8 port switch, attach it to
the cable modem, patch the switch into 5 or 8 of the already run cables,
and attach the wireless to the other end of the most advantageously
exposed spot. But, before I did this, I though I'd ask... can I put a
switch in front of the wireless router? like so:

cable modem ----> switch ---> patch panel ----> wireless router?


Another obvious answer that I think would work well for your particular
situation is an Ethernet Electrical outlet bridge.  This is a somewhat
expensive solution (I think the units cost $80 a piece, you need at
least 2 to be useful,), but would allow you to bridge the wired network
segments into rooms that don't have cat 5 cable over the house
electrical wires.  really cool tech for these kinds of situations :)

Depending on the number of users, you could also buy a series of
wireless base stations that do 'WDS'
That let's you 'daisy chain' wireless stations - so if the basement
can reach floor one wireless, and floor one can reach floor two
wirelessly etc. then all you have to have plugged in is the first
wireless station in the chain. The rest all are strictly wireless.
WDS does cost in network speed though, half the network is just
talking to itself rather than to the users, so if you have a number of
people all on at the same time it'll get slow. Also more money than
previously discussed, but not that excessive - say four ok routers
rather than one cheap one. Probably comparable to the over the hydro
circuits networking.


PS Rashkae is certainly right that if you do the two router network
you can lobotomize the second router so it's just an access point and
not a router as well. It would 'flatten' the network into one LAN

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