Re: Run ubuntu under windows vista

On Sat, 2009-09-19 at 11:22 -0500, John/Pat Heinen wrote:
I have wubi-ubuntu installed within windows vista, I don't see it on the
control panel but it is visible on explore "ubuntu" 134 mb.How do I get
this ubuntu started?

when you reboot, the windows boot menu will come up with the option of
booting into Windows, or Ubuntu. This is when you should choose to start

Also note that if you have not yet booted into Ubuntu, you may need to
have the CD in the drive yet the first time you boot, so the wubi
installer can finish it's work.

Also, wubi-installed Ubuntu doesn't run in a virtual machine or
anything, its basically a full install running in a virtual disk (which
is really just a plain file on your hard drive, that's pretending to be
a hard-drive itself). This allows you to get near the native install
performance, direct hardware access, etc. that are all good for Ubuntu,
while also allowing you the option of not messing with your partitions,
or buying a new drive to put Ubuntu on. This also means, though, that
you cant run ubuntu from within instead choose which one
you want from the boot menu. hence my instructions above.

Hope that helps!

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