Re: ubuntu 9.04 installation failure

Peter Crane wrote:

10 September 2009

Dear Sirs,

I had a miserable failure trying to install ubuntu.

Please help.

I am running a PC desktop (unbadged but put together by a reputable
Computer shop) with Windows XP SP2 Home Edition.

It has an AMD Sempron processor LE 1100 with 1.91 GHz and 960 MB RAM.

The single hard drive is partitioned as follows:-

C: Windows software & stuff that finds its way there without being

D: Software that I have installed.

E: 49 Gigabytes. This is where I am trying to put ubuntu.

F; User documents (mainly)

I produced a CD from the install file (ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386 from
virgin-media) and ran the installer from the CD, selecting the second
option (to install ubuntu as a dual-boot system *inside the windows*


The installation seemed to go without any problems and I rebooted into
the new ubuntu.

I got some OK system messages until I got to:-

A panel called Checking the installation, Installing system,

Formatting swap space in partition #1 of /host/ubuntu/disk…

Then it seemed to freeze.

No blinking lights

No change for 25 minutes!

The installation did NOT ask for any input from me.

I retried it a couple of times.

Please help.


Peter Crane
From the looks of things the installation needs to create the necessary
partitions. From what you have shown you only have one. If it does it
may take a while, especially on a sempron.

Boot from the CD and choose "Try Ubuntu without changing harddrive" (the
first option). Once it boots to the gnome desktop open a terminal:


Then run the following command if your hard drive is a SATA

sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda

or if your hard drive is an IDE

sudo fdisk -l /dev/hda

copy the information and post here.

If the install is trying to repartition your hard drive then you may
need to just walk away and give it lot more time.


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