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Greg Sander wrote:
I want to know if I can do this. I currently have a dual-boot system using 2 installations of XP - each on a separate hard drive. The first drive has my old installation of XP. The second drive has my new installation of XP. The boot.ini is on the old XP. I want to install Ubuntu over the old XP and end up with a dual boot system. The first drive would have Ubuntu and the second rive would have my new XP. My concern is that the computer looks to the first drive for the boot.ini (and other windows boot files) to give me my current dual-boot option.


No Problem. Get the Ubuntu version you want from the Ubuntu
web page and make a cd-rom with the file. Then using the
"Live-CD" choose to do a manual selection of where to put
Ubuntu and put it on top of the old XP. Also tell it to format

73 Karl


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