Re: Help with installation

Then why in hell don't you plonk him again instead of blasting him for
his posts. If he talks like a Derek, acts like a Derek, he is a Derek
and never will change either. You don't take criticism or advice either because you know it all. Have it your way; you always do but expect some rebuttal along the way unless you want to plonk me also. I don't mind.
Leonard Chatagnier

--- On Tue, 10/6/09, Derek Broughton <derek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Derek Broughton <derek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Help with installation
To: ubuntu-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2009, 6:56 PM
Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

--- On Tue, 10/6/09, Derek Broughton <derek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

While Derek and others are way
too quick to jump on his case using degrading
and not
appreciating the fact that if they would just
any error(s) and not
criticize Karl the thread wouldn't go on and

For heaven's sake.  In the first place, this
was the
first time I bothered in ages.

How do you define ages? I've seen you and others bash
Karl every month on
the list. 

More than that.  Karl has been in my kill file for
months.  A kontact crash
last week deleted the whole kill file, putting him
unfortunately back into
my view.

My point is that, in case you missed it, is that you
can and so
the others correct any errors in a nice way that
doesn't offend.  Not the
case in MHO.

My point, in case you missed it, is that I tried that
method.  I tried it
_many_ times.  Karl refused any attempts at
conciliation.  So no more Mister
Nice Guy.

I began by _very_ politely pointing out to him when
he was wrong, and pointing out that his heart was
in the
right place,
I recall the comment but...
but his knowledge level wasn't up to the
task.  He got
abusive and refused to ever accept that he was

I don't think him being wrong was the issue with Karl
at this point, he was responding to the criticism
like manner.  And I do think you know that and so
the others, IMNSHO.

Then obviously you DON'T recall the comment.  I tried
to be very diplomatic. 
It failed.  So now, when he forces himself to my
attention, he gets flamed. 

You are not right, IMO.  No one who has
established his
own business and sold it a a million dollars or more
would be classified as an idiot and I have no reason
to doubt him on this.

I have no reason to believe it.  If it walks like a
duck, and quacks like a
duck, it's highly likely to be a duck.

Anbd Karl has presented some good advice along with
some not. 

I've never disagreed.  I even try to rub his ego a bit
when he gets it right
- but he still routinely presents completely idiotic
advice, and when
confronted by someone who actually knows what they're
talking about, will
insult them and insist he's the expert.  That needs to
be countered.

You wont see him take
any offense to my comments and I don't think he would
to you or
the others if not for the sarcasm, offensive and

That's too naive to answer again

that matter.  It just happened that I decided to
reply to your
post, which you conveniently decided to snip your

There is only one possible response to that sort of
inanity, but I'm trying
to be polite.  I SNIP the text to which I'm not
responding. That's
politeness. If you have an issue, feel free to quote the
text I missed, I
certainly won't be offended.  There is no
"conveniently decided to snip". 

I apologize if
you feel it was directed to you solely as it was not
my intent.

How can you POSSIBLY say that?  You _named_ me. 
Not just that, while you
claimed there were a group of us at fault, _I_ was the only
one you named. 
Clearly it was your intent.  And, no, I didn't snip
that part...

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