Re: Quality of Ubuntu List

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 8:04 AM, Mark Syms <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yep, well done everyone, you've just managed to reinforce every negative
stereotype about Linux mailing lists.

Excellent work, keep it up.

I think the best thing to do in a situation like this is to just back
down. Bashing the fellow after he leaves does no good, and just raises
the signal/noise ration. I don't have a problem with joining the list
to get help and then leaving, that's what the list is here for, right?
I, for example, know next to nothing about Linux and Ubuntu, so I come
here for help, but can rarely offer any help of any kind. There are a
few bad apples, but I think the best thing to do is ignore them. Move
on with life. Carpe diem.

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