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Amedee Van Gasse (u2s) wrote:
On Wed, October 21, 2009 16:20, Chris Jones wrote:
Florian Diesch wrote:
Chris Jones <jonesc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Seriously, all the suggestions here are good ones IMHO, apart from vim,
which has a terribly confusing interface and not something I would
a linux newbie at unless I really disliked them. Stay away from vim and
you won't go far wrong. (For the record, my suggestion would be emacs
;) )
vim is a great editor if your hands are to small for using Emacs. ;-)
How ? Do you have a different special keyboard for vim with bigger
buttons or something ...

You need 6 fingers on every hand to use E.M.A.C.S.

nonsense. The bear minimum is two figures on your left hand for
control-x control-f to open a file and control-x control-s to save it.
Of course the are thousands of other command sequences, but unless you
want to become some kind of emacs freak, you don't need them. I have
never seen the need to read email in emacs, even though I believe it is

There are several email programs for Emacs. I'm using Gnus to write this.

Then of course, if you prefer there is always the menu bar. You don't
have to use the control sequences at all.

But it's much faster to use them.


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