Re: Xorg/gnome keeps crashing

On Thu, 22 Oct 2009, Jared Greenwald wrote:

I've had my workstation (Dell GX620) setup with 9.04 since it's beta
back at the beginning of the year. Recently, I noticed that when I
was switching workspaces (via scroll wheel or key sequence) Xorg/gnome
would just completely lock up. I'm not talking about just hosing the
X server, but bringing my machine to a complete lock (can't ssh in,
completely unresponsive).

So, I figured that with 9.10 in final beta, I might as well give that
a try to see if that would fix my issue. Alas, it is still a problem.
This is making my work life really hard as I usually use at least 2-4
workspaces in my Gnome session at a time. Is there anyone else out
there having similar issues? Anyone have any suggestions as to how to
fix this (other than not using multiple workspaces).

The other thing of note is that on my laptop I use 4 workspaces and
never have an issue, so it seems tied to that specific computer...

Any help would be much appreciated as I've lost some serious work due
to having to hard reboot every time the thing locks up.

I've had this happen as well on a desktop running hardy, it occurs
sometimes when switching from console back to X with alt-f7, not always
but sometimes, and yes, all you can do is hard kill power, great for disk
drives :) even teh magic sysreq keys cant recover it.
This only started recently here, under 2 months ago, so i guess an
update at the time has bugs in it, which one...who knows
and I CBF going about the way they want you to log bugs now so pfft, if i
need to so something critical, like remotely work on cisco ACL's, I always
change to console, much safer.

And agree, laptop never has this issue, likely the intel driver
issue, which is apparently completely fixed in intel v9 using > 2.6.31


"What does Windows have that Linux doesn't?" - One hell of a lot of bugs!

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