turning a desktop install into a server

I recently installed the Ubuntu desktop edition, and got things
working; but what I really want to do is to make it a server-like box
that is exclusively logged into remotely (from other machines on my
home network). I powered it down, unplugged monitor/keyboard/mouse,
put it in its new location, and turned it on -- but as far as I could
tell, the (wireless) networking didn't even start; I had to lug over
the periphals and plug them in, then log in to Ubuntu, then unplug
them again.

So now I have a box that I can remotely access (and on which I'm
actually still logged in locally). But what if I have to reboot --
how can I set it up such that it doesn't need the peripherals at all,
and I can log into it remotely without having to log in locally first?


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