Re: new on linux & ubuntu

So it seems you dont know what to do with an iso file...

Step 1: (RECOMMENDED) burn it to disc. find a blank cd or dvd and use free
software like deep burner to burn the iso file onto a blank disc.
Alternate Step 1: Use at least a 4 GB or larger USB Flash Drive and use
Unetbootin to load the contents of the iso onto the flash drive and make it
a fully bootable equivalent.

Step 2: reboot your pc and make it boot off the cd/dvd/flash drive. you may
have to press F12 or something on startup to set which boot device you wanna
use, or change settings in your BIOS/Boot Setup

Step 3: you have now booted into a Live Ubuntu session. you can either use
it like a full operating system, without installing it at all, or you can
perform an install. BE CAREFUL: at some point in the install the setup may
perform some automatic partitioning. this can cause loss of data. To avoid
experimenting with this use the ALTERNATE Step 2 and 3.

Alternate Step 2 and 3: (RECOMMENDED)
once you have burnt a dvd/cd of ubuntu using the iso and some cd burning
software, run the disc within windows. itll give you a couple options.
Select Wubi. It allows you to install ubuntu within the free space on your
windows drive. Whenever you like your ubuntu install can easily and
completely be removed from your system, leaving it in its original state
just by going to Add/Remove programs in your windows and removing Ubuntu
from there. its cool, its safe, its painless. no having to deal with
partitioning as such unless your really short on space.

make sure you have at least 10 GB free on the drive you select. normally an
Ubuntu install with a LOT of programs will only take 5GB or so, but still :)

good luck!

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