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Cybe R. Wizard wrote:

On Thu, 10 Dec 2009 11:03:47 +0000
Avi Greenbury <avismailinglistaccount@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
One of the core components, yes, but still /not/ aimed at simple
users. According to all the documentation I have read users
are /not/ members of the Ubuntu community. To be one of those
members takes an application and approval.

As far as I gather, there are two distinct ideas:
Ubuntu Member
Ubuntu Community Member (or member of the ubuntu community)

To become a Ubuntu Member requires going through an approval
process, and to have been a member of the Ubuntu community.
To be a member of the Ubuntu community just requires participation
in it, via mailing lists, newsgroups, IRC, wikis, commits, forums
etc. This is different to a 'ubuntu user' who uses the software but
doesn't participate in the community.
(I do think the names are rather more similar than is convenient.)

The CoC, therefore, applies to anyone participating in the ubuntu
community - including those of us on this list.
states simply:
"Membership of the Ubuntu community means recognition of a significant
and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community."

That seems pretty definitive to me that community members ain't us.
...or at least ain't me.

I'd posit that that is an error, since it contradicts what's said and
inferred elsewhere, and goes against the general definition of the word
'community', especially as regards every other linux community (for
whom participation is the only requirement to join).

Rather than claim on that basis that the CoC which is referred to in
the docs for the mailing lists therefore does not apply to the users of
the mailing list, I'd ask for clarification from someone who is in a
better position to *know* the distinction, and update the wiki

I find it difficult to accept the idea that the rules and code of
conduct of this list and others applies only to those who have already
made significant and sustained contribution to the community - the
chance that this is what was meant by the wording are vanishingly

Avi Greenbury ;)

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