Re: RFC - Archiving Music CDs for Backup Purposes

On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 6:58 AM, Joep L. Blom <jlblom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That's untrue! All CD's are digital. Or do you mean that the only
musical reproduction to listen to is a vinyl recording? or an audiophile
only listens to a life performance? (as it was >120 years ago).
I agree partly. I record my own performances (jazz piano) on 24-bit (OK,
it's not analogue!) but the commercial recordings I work(ed) on are of
course all 16-bit. But the gist of the matter is that you should never
make a backup with a lesser quality than the original.
About replacing that can sometimes be a problem. Older CD's are often
not available any more (at least with respect to classical music and jazz).

I guess I was mistakenly attributed what Steve said. I have no idea
what a true audiophile would listen to, and I don't really care.

The real question is what the original poster really wants: making cd
images, or converting to another format.

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