Re: Thread hijacking

Wade Smart wrote:
thomas wrote:
Peter Humphrey wrote:
As a newcomeer to this list I'm intrigued to know whether the hijacking of
threads is commonplace and accepted here. On other lists I know, any such
behaviour is stamped on instantly, yet it keeps happening here with impunity.

I was accused of hijacking threads. Then someone told me what hijacking
treads was and I
stopped. Maybe people are clueless to hijacking. I am using Thunderbird
and I would start new
threads by deleting the content of a posting and then make a new one.


Thread hijacking can be either: posting a different problem under a old
topic OR deleting the contents of a email and posting a new problem. To
start a new thread - start a totally new email.


I was also wondering about the mailing list, is it something like: you
have a problem and you post your message no matter if someone else had
the same problem already before on the mailing list, but you didn't
notice that or maybe it was long time ago?
Is that OK or we need to search the archives before posting?
By the way, I like IRC :)


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