Re: Installing TeX Live 2009 on 9.10

On 12/29/2009 02:22 PM, Christian Pleul wrote:

First of all, I am new to Ubuntu.

I managed to download and decompress the tar.xz archive of TeX Live
2009. Now I got two folders "texmf" and "texmf-dist".

Could somebody please point me to the right direction about
continuing with the next steps for the installation?
(haven't tried it but Christoph seems to have a handle on it)

Perhaps, particularly since you are new to Ubuntu) you'd be better
served by installing the packages that have been already provided by
Ubuntu (2007). Upstream (Debian) have an 'unstable' version that
probably won't be tested until after February 2010, see:
[please package TeXLive 2009]

Alternatively, you can try the PPA version prepared in this
Personal Package Archive (PPA):
Warning: PPA's are supported *only* the the person responsible for the
PPA and are *not* supported by Ubuntu.

To install from the PPA, click on 'Technical details about this PPA'
and then click on '(Read about installing)' for directions.

I've modified/updated the instructions for you w/Karmic 9.10:
To start installing and using software from a Personal Package Archive,
you first need to tell Ubuntu where to find the PPA and how to verify
the authenticity of its software.

Step 1: Open your terminal and enter:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys A36634CD

Adding the PPA to Ubuntu

Step 2: Copy the first line from the apt sources.list entries section of
the PPA overview page.

deb karmic main

Step 3: On your Ubuntu computer, open System > Administration > Software

Step 4: Click the Settings|Repositories|Other Software tab.

Step 5: Click the Add button.

Step 6: Paste the line you copied in step 1 and click the Add Source button.

Step 7: Now copy the second line from the apt sources.list entries
section of the PPA overview page

deb-src karmic main

and paste it in just as you did in steps 4 and 5.

Click 'Close'. When prompted, reload the software sources information.
It not prompted, click the 'Reload' icon. Now in 'Quick search' enter
texlive. You will now see that texlive is showing a yellow star meaning
an update from 2007 is available & will show that 2009 is the available
update. Exit Synaptic & run the update-manager
(System|Administration|Update Manager) and click 'Check'. You will now
most likely see that a 'Partial Upgrade' is needed click 'Start Upgrade'
and let the 'upgrade' download & install the 224mb of packages. When the
update manager offers to uninstall other packages elect to keep them.

Note: I've actually tested prior to posting & the install works for me.
Can't go much further than that as I still don't understand how to use
TeXLive properly.

However, with you being new to Ubuntu I wonder if there is something in
TeXLive 2009 that you absolutely need vs the 2007 version that can't
wait a few months? Perhaps if you post regarding the problems that you
are having with 2007 someone on the list that is familiar with 2007 can

You can also check the bug reports regarding the Ubuntu version of
texlive here:

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