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Jonathan D. Armendariz wrote:

Agreed. Where I work at our products are geared for Mac and Windows but
little official love for Linux. Some of us have some working knowledge
of Linux (not just *buntu) so it helps on the rare occasion it's needed.

Another trend that I personally have noticed; a Linux directory exists
on the CD which comes with new printers. Necessary drivers and
instructions are usually there for the printer though Ubuntu has done a
decent job of auto detecting printers on my network (I only get network
printers). If all else fails then I can always try digging out the ppd
file on a disk and install in that fashion (haven't needed this method
in a while.) I did dig this site up with a quick search:

For instance, I recently purchased a Samsung CLP-310 color laser which
has the Samsung unified Linux driver on the CD, same with a couple of
Brothers I have had in the past. Look on the CD and see if you have a
directory for Linux. Perhaps we could start a list free for any one to
post on their site to help get the word out. I will see if I can dig up
some of my older disks. If nothing else it will give the spiders to
chew on. :-P

_Manufacturer Model OS installed
Driver on Disk_
Samsung CLP-310 9.04_64


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