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Gilles Gravier wrote:

On 02/02/2010 16:45, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
Chan Chung Hang Christopher wrote:

It has 4 plugs for RAM so it will take that much. I just ran
top and for some reason I have 1801764000 bytes of RAM now
which if you simplify is 1.8 GB. I wonder why not 2.0 GB?

I bet 256MB of RAM has been alotted for another purpose: graphics

You may be right! Wonder how I find out if that is true?

Documentation is a good place to start. If your machine is a laptop and
the onboard graphics controler uses "shared" memory with the system,
then that's it.

Also... in a shell window, type "dmesg | more" and look in the first few
pages... you can see that memory is reserved by the BIOS for various


I did and yes it doesn't say how much but RAM is chopped up
to many uses.

My 9.10 64bit .iso has arrived so off to see if it runs...

73 Karl


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